Hello there and happy Friday!


In the midst of a crazy life and a busy schedule, I finally hit the big 2-5. And what better way to celebrate this milestone other than with a starter Chanel! This beauty-that I named Eric-came home with me in April prior to the quarterly price increase. The deal and justification I made with myself was either: A) pay it off, or B) wait until my 25th birthday. Luckily I hit option A much sooner than option B, but decided to officially document it now.

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Hello, lover!

Inspired by Valentine’s Day, this Burberry Prosum top is perfect for the occasion and fit to a tee! This super soft heart printed t-shirt struck the Burberry runway last season and I was able to grab it before it left the shelves and while it’s no longer in stores I found some great alternatives, such as this ASOS dress and this Equipment shirt, to get you into the mood as well.

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